Uniforms Make a Statement

Uniforms do far more than cloth your employees. They say something about who you are. A uniformed work force provides a clean, organized, professional image of your company. To customers, they feel like they are dealing with a first-class organization; one that is an expert in its field and doesn't cut corners. For many top organizations, uniforms provide a brand awareness that is recognized around the world.

To employees, uniforms give your workers a sense of pride and responsibility. They feel confident in their appearance and comfortable on the job. Our products are designed for the utmost in comfort and safety. In addition, our uniforms can be custom designed to provide proper identity features. In the end, you and your employees are happy about the benefits of uniforms.

Our Program:

Our uniform program provides flexibility to choose service options that make the most sense for your business. These options include:

• Name brand apparel
• Specific style requirements
• Image and identity solutions
• Advanced garment tracking system to ensure accuracy
• Invidividually sorted uniforms down to the wearer level
• Automatic replacement of unusable product
• Automatic repair of buttons, zippers and other accessories
• Locker requirements
• Specific soil collection containers

Contact us to find out how we can customize a program to fit your needs.

Specialized Custom Garment Program

PennTrans are digitally printed in vibrant, full color and can be heat applied to fabric for a flexible, low profile alternative to traditional emblems. They do not crack or peel and are manufactured for either lower temperature commercial wash standards or industrial laundering. Flame retardant and reflective options are available for added safety. The durable direct-to-garment transfer offers lasting identity that is inexpensive for large volumes of industrial textiles or garments.

Delivering a High End Professional Appearance while keeping costs low to do so. Please contact us today to order a Complimentary Sample for your Business!